Sirenia Digest - Year Three (collected)


This is a collection of issues 25-36 of Caitlin R. Kiernan's Sirenia Digest. These early issues contained illustrations by Vince Locke. The PDFs will be e-mailed to you as a zip file, so please provide us with an e-mail address upon purchase. There may be a slight delay of a few hours, as I will be sending them when I receive notification of sale.

Contents are as follows:

Issue #25 - December 2007: "Untitled 31" and "The Crimson Alphabet (Part One)"

Issue #26 - January 2008: "The Collector of Bones" and "The Crimson Alphabet (Part Two)"

Issue #27 - February 2008: "Beatification" and Chapter One of the unfinished novel Joey LaFaye

Issue #28 - March 2008: "Pickman's Other Model (1929)" , H. P. Lovecraft's "Pickman's Model", and "Madonna Littoralis"

Issue #29 - April 2008: "Flotsam" and "Concerning Attrition and Severance"

Issue #30 - May 2008: "Rappaccini's Dragon (Murder Ballad No. 5)" and Sonya Taaffe's "The Mirror of Venus

Issue #31 - June 2008: "Unter den Augen des Mondes" and "The Melusine (1898)"

Issue #32 - July 2008: "Derma Sutra (1891)", Necessary Monsters - An Interview with Richard A Kirk by Geoffrey H. Goodwin, and Sonya Taaffe's "The Woman Who Was Wife to the Husband of the Sea"

Issue #33 - August 2008: "The Z Word", An Interview with Max Sauco
by Geoffrey H. Goodwin, and Unpublished Excerpts from
Daughter of Hounds

Issue #34 - September 2008: An excerpt from Chapter Two of The Red Tree, "Untitled 33" , and “all filled with bloody meat” An Interview with Karl Persson
by Geoffrey H. Goodwin

Issue #35 - October 2008: "I Am the Abyss and I Am the Light" and Chapter Two of Caitlin's unfinished novel, Joey LaFaye

Issue #36 - November 2008" : "Dancing With the Eight of Swords", A Short Conversation with John Santerineross by Geoffrey H. Goodwin, and an excerpt from "The Dinosaurs of Mars"